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Barrio La Pinada

Circular Economy Lead

Barrio La Pinada is a new & innovative eco-district in Valencia, Spain, where families will be able to enjoy a lively, healthy and socially cohesive environment. The district is being co-designed by the future families and has been generated around a school, Imagine Montessori School. The concept integrates dimensions such as near zero energy consumption, water re-use, sustainable mobility and car-free zones, integration with nature, shared and circular economy, air quality and convenient shops & service at the doorstep. Barrio La Pinada is currently in design-phase and will be built on a 250.000 m2 (61 acre) piece of land and will be home to 1000 families. The project beyond a financial return also is aiming to achieve social and environmental returns.

We are interested in linking to partners willing to become part of our open innovation network to jointly develop new solutions, run pilots, integrate suppliers and partners early in our design process (IDP) or coinvest.
Sectors dealt with:
Residential - private