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Below is the buyer profile for Pocket Living

Pocket Living

Head of Construction

Pocket Living opened for business in 2005 with a mission to develop compact apartments for the millions of young, middle-earning Londoners who contribute to their city in so many ways but can't afford to buy their first home.

Pocket homes are special. They’re compact, sold at a discount and they’re only available to local buyers who earn below a certain amount.

Pocket homes are defined as ‘intermediate affordable’ housing and we have an annual checking process to ensure they remain in the affordable arena in perpetuity. Now we also include some open market homes in our larger schemes, called Pocket Edition, which are available to anyone.
We work smart on every development we build.

Importantly, we have an award-winning design for our apartments that makes the best possible use of space, and we use good quality but not extravagant materials. We also work closely with local authorities to free up urban sites that are in great locations for our customers.

Pocket Living is also a leading provider of modular homes, using the latest factory technologies to deliver high quality more quickly.

All of this means we can offer attractive, well-located homes for a fair price.