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Booth King

Managing Director

About Us

For nearly 50 years, Booth King has been delivering innovative and sustainable design led engineering solutions across the UK and internationally.

We are proud of the extensive and exciting portfolio that we have created; from sports stadia, to the refurbishment of buildings that form part of our heritage. Our designs create a piece of history, and leave a lasting impression on their occupants.

With offices in Ramsbottom, Manchester and Edinburgh, we provide structural and civil engineering services to: architects, developers, and contractors, creating award-winning buildings, which exceed our client’s expectations.

Our service to clients is unrivalled, every project is director led to ensure design and project leadership from the most highly experienced and qualified engineers.

Our main aim is to attract and deliver high quality, exciting and challenging design work that gives our clients satisfaction and offers employees first class experience. All of our engineers are passionate about design providing the highest quality of engineering design: in terms of concept, detail and execution, delivering excellent value for money.