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Procure Plus

Sustainability and Growth at Procure Plus

I am specifically looking for providers of off-site solutions that could be repurposed to enable fast and efficient installations of energy efficiency improvements in the domestic refurbishment sector. These could be companies with products currently marketed at the new build sector unaware of the potential for offsite solutions in refurbishment projects as well as suppliers of ‘retrofit’ products. Procure Plus is leading on a £10m publicly funded project which will see a significant number of ‘whole house’ energy efficiency refurbishments delivered in both void and occupied domestic dwellings. As part of this project specifically, but also in relation to the wider social housing refurbishment market Procure Plus operates in, I would like to engage with product and technology providers able to supply innovative energy efficiency solutions for homes (walls, floors and roofs etc) as well as heating system such as ‘pods’ or miniature plantrooms.