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HAB Housing


HAB Housing was formed by Kevin McCloud to build sustainable, beautiful housing that is highly contextual and efficient to build and run. We create a real sense of place, which people can have pride in. Wherever possible, we provide opportunities for communities to meaningfully engage with the design process and for residents to personalise their home. We generally operate within 2 hours of our base in Bristol, delivering 1 & 2 bed apartments to 2 - 6 bed houses; along with public realm landscaping and community facilities. We strongly support the need for innovation in construction. To-date, we have largely worked with closed panel timber systems, but we are actively exploring the possibilities to go further with offsite processes; essentially getting more and more constructed in factory conditions and reducing overall programme. We are very keen to identify one or more advanced build systems for future schemes. HAB wants to meet with companies with market-ready build systems with a focus on largely 2 and 3 storey developments. We are hoping to nominate a preferred party for an initial 15-20 home scheme before the end of March 2018, but hope to scale to many 100’s of homes in short order.